About Us

Flare Magazine was established in May 2014.  6 months later the support group was founded and the Awareness Group was then formed in July 2015.


All those involved are volunteers who have FM/ME/CFS.  We currently have 3 Trustees, Beth Urmston, Ailsa Bancroft and Sarah Blackburn.  


The magazine consists of a team of 6 and the awareness group has a core of 4 team members working with small groups to plan and work towards raising the profile of these chronic conditions and their impact on daily lives not only for patients but their families and friendships.


We are committed to doing all that we are able to change the preconceptions and stigma associated with FM/ME/CFS (SEID)ibromyalgia, as well as raising funds to enable bio medical research to be carried out to ascertain the cause of these diseases which would hopefully lead to a cure.